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There’s a short video clip at the bottom of this page.  Firstly, here are a few tracks, mostly recorded live at recent gigs.  The first two have Antonella calling the dances, to give an idea of what a Fezziwig ceilidh is like.  The first tune here was written by Ruth after a particularly wet garden-party in August 2015, when a very puzzled-looking frog came and sat just in front of the band as we played in a leaky gazebo.  It’s called The Soggy Frog, and the dance, appropriately, is the MOSELEY BOG:-



And here’s the YIDDISH DANCE, for which we play Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn.  It gets faster and faster and usually provides an exiting climax to the evening:-



Next, a live recording of Galopede and Speed The Plough:-



This is an Austrian tune which Liz first heard many years ago played on hand-bells.  It’s called Der Schneewalzer (The Snow Waltz).  There’s no set dance for this, but you know how to waltz, don’t you!?  So what’s stopping you?



Here’s a recording we did in September 2016 of two mazurkas, Fubu Mazurka and The Green Hills Of Tirol:-



Finally, this is a short video clip taken at one of our wedding gigs.  The tune is another of Ruth’s: The Rights Of Woman:-